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Life Insurance Lead Generator Form | Product code ALILGF01

Life Insurance Lead Generator Form | Product code ALILGF01

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Today many Life Insurance Companies are doing their Life Insurance Business in India. In such a situation, Life Insurance Agents working for these Life Insurance Companies also need a Lead Generator Form to improve their Business. So Insurance Hand is going to give you a Lead Generator Form which can be used by any Life Insurance Agent to improve his Business.

First of all, we want to show you the demo file of the Lead Generator Form, so that you can understand how this form actually is and what questions are asked to the customer through you? So for this you should click on the below button “Life Insurance Lead Generator Form” and fill the form carefully.

If you have filled the form then you must have realized that all the information you need about the customer to give accurate information about the Life Insurance Policy has been asked through various questions in the form. Now the next question in your mind will be that suppose a person has filled this form, then how will you get this information?

So its live demo is also available. If you have filled the form by clicking on the above button, then you should check your email which you have entered while filling the above form. You will find that you have received a pdf file on your email. The same information will be given in that PDF file of yours, which you would have given while filling the above form.

Now think about it, in the same way someone fills the same form and you get the information given by him. So how will it affect Your Business? So if you want to know about this form in detail, click on the tab below to know about it in detail and then order.



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Life Insurance Agents have to face different types of problems due to which they are not able to do their Life Insurance Business optimally. Life Insurance Lead Generator Form can help you to improve Your Business.

Now there must be a question in your mind that how a form can help in improving Your Business? So to understand the answer to this question we need to know the problems due to which Life Insurance Agents are not able to do their Business better and this form can help you. So let's first understand those problems-

Life insurance agents who run this as a side business:

If you are a Life Insurance Agent and do your Agency as a Side Business, then surely most of your day will be spent in your Primary Business. Such Life Insurance Agents may find it a very challenging task to find New Customers to do their Life Insurance Business.

This form can help you to make this challenging task easier for you. You can share this Life Insurance Agent Lead Generator Form on various Social Media Platforms and motivate people to fill the form.

By doing this two types of people will fill your form. First those who have to Buy Life Insurance Policy and secondly those who have any problem in Life Insurance Policy. Now people who want to Buy Life Insurance Policy, you can sell Life Insurance Policy by explaining the benefits of Your Life Insurance Policy to them and if someone has problems with their life insurance policy, you can make better business relations by giving suggestions to such people.

You can sell your Life Insurance Policy to both these types of people immediately or after some time interval. If you work in the right direction for such customers, then such people can not only buy your life insurance policy from you, but you can also get New Customers with their help.

In Times of Busyness or Problems:

For the Success of the Life Insurance Business, it is necessary that the Life Insurance Agent keeps coming and going in his field of work. But many times such situations arise in the life of a Life Insurance Agent, when he is not able to go to his workplace even if he wants to. For example- if the agent's health deteriorates, if for some reason he has to go out of his home district, etc.

In this case, you can search for New Prospects using this form. This form is in the form of a link, which you can send from your mobile to WhatsApp Groups, Telegram Groups and other Social Media Platforms by attaching it with a nice message.

You will find that some people will fill out this form even when you are not in your area and you will get their information on your email. Now when you return to your workplace, you can give information about your Life Insurance Plans to such people and try to improve your business.

When A Life Insurance Agent isn't doing well:

If you feel that you are not able to do your work properly and the reason for this is lack of New Customers then this form can help you to improve Your Life Insurance Business.

Agents starting Life Insurance Business need support in the initial period of their Business, because such Agents are not in a position to spend huge amount of money in the initial phase of their Business. That's why we are presenting this form using free services of Google and with the help of some special scripts etc. Due to which it is prepared in minimum cost.

Since this form is created using Google's free services, we need the ID and password of any one Gmail Account of the Life Insurance Agent to prepare this form. We request you that if you decide to create this Lead Generator Form, create a New Gmail ID and give its ID password to create this form.

We also know that Life Insurance Agents have a huge time crunch, due to which this Lead Generator Form has been designed in such a way that Life Insurance Agent can create a link to this form and share it with people by copy pasting. If someone fills out this form shared by the agent, then all the information given by that person in the form gets converted into PDF file and automatically goes to the email of the Life Insurance Agent.

Functions of Life Insurance Lead Generator Form:

Any Life Insurance Agent can do his business smoothly only when he has people with whom he can share information about his Life Insurance Products. So Life Insurance Agents have to keep looking for new people everyday.

The challenge for the Life Insurance Business is not only this, but much more. Because it is believed that when a Life Insurance Agent shares information about his products with ten people, only one or two people buy his products.

The meaning of saying is that if you want to get success in Life Insurance Business then you need a large amount of new people. Life Insurance Lead Generator Form helps you to get New Customers. That too people who are interested in Life Insurance Products.

People who have any problem or people who want to buy New Life Insurance Policy fill this Lead Generator Form. With the help of this form, you get their name, address, mobile number etc. information. That is, you have information about new people with whom you can share information about your Life Insurance Products.

Other Names of Life Insurance Lead Generator Form:

The sole function of this form is to assist you in listing new people. Because this form gives or helps to give you leads of new people, hence this form is called life insurance lead generator form. By the way, this form is also known as Contact Us Form, Customer Support Form and many other names.

Why People will fill Life Insurance Lead Generator Form:

For the last three-four years we have studied closely for this type of form and we have also taken the experience of many agents (who have already made this form). Sharing some important information based on my experience and feedback received from other agents, which will prove to be helpful in achieving success in this direction.

The customer buys any product only when he sees its benefit. It is a different matter that the customer does not have to spend any money to fill this form, but in spite of this, every customer would definitely like to know that what will be the benefit to him by filling this form?

As a Life Insurance Agent, you can provide two types of benefits to people. First is the information about a particular plan and second is the support in policy servicing. So in future whenever you share any online article, video, image etc., make it attractive and share the link of this form with it.

For Example: Suppose you told people in your social media post that your life insurance company is conducting a revival campaign till 15th of next month. You publish this information on social media in an attractive way and appeal to people to fill the form if they want more information in this context or if they need your help.

Similarly, Another Example: You post information about a product of your life insurance company in a great way on social media and you offer an attractive gift if someone buys this plan before Diwali. So those who want to get this information, fill this form of yours. Then you will be more likely to get new leads.

Can you tell the importance of two wheeler or four wheeler for Life Insurance Business? I am sure any Life Insurance Agent will agree that they play a vital role in the success of the Insurance Business.

But if I ask you how much insurance your car can give you, what would be your answer? I can understand that your answer would be that car cannot give insurance, selling insurance can be made easier using a car.

Now if I ask you if insurance cannot be sold without a car and if insurance can be sold without a car then why buy a car? So I think your answer will be that insurance can be sold even without vehicle but if this work is done with vehicle then more people can be reached in less time and more insurance can be sold.

So friends, Life Insurance Lead Generator Form also helps you like a vehicle. By using this you can get information about New Customer. But it depends on you to contact those people and work by making the right strategy.

Why Use Life Insurance Lead Generator Form:

Life Insurance Business basically depends on how many new people you can share your Life Insurance Products information with? Because the more people you share your Life Insurance Products with, the more your chances of success will increase.

If you work in a limited area then you will have limited number of new people. But if your work area is large, you also have a large number of new people. More people means more success in the insurance business. This form can be used to increase your workspace.

This form not only helps you in increasing your workspace, but with the help of this you can also make unknown people your customers. You can use this form while targeting people of different professions.

Where to use Life Insurance Lead Generator Form:

Life Insurance Lead Generator Form is a digital product, and can be used on any digital platform like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, Linked-in and so on.

But for its better results, you need to take the support of social media groups in your area. If you want, you can join the business group of your area and share the link of this form there. By doing this you will get leads of people in your area.

The Life Insurance Lead Generator Form is created using the services of Google. Due to which its use is absolutely free and there is no cost of renewal after its construction. A charge is taken for designing this form and making it useful for Life Insurance Agents.

Requirement for making Life Insurance Lead Generator Form:

In order to create the Life Insurance Lead Generator Form, we need to have some important information about you. If you have previously shared the following information about yourself with us for getting a product made, you will need to provide this information again. Because we keep the personal data of our customers safe only until their work is completed.

  • Name
  • Your Company Name
  • Job Title
  • Agency Code
  • Branch Code
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Alternate Mobile Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Your Address
  • Gmail ID the ID under which you want to create this form
  • Password Password of the Gmail ID on which you want to generate the form
  • Payment Slip You have to upload the slip of the payment made for making the form.

Important Point:

This form of yours is created using Google's free services. That's why we will need your Gmail ID and its password. We request each and every life insurance agent not to give us the gmail id and password which you use for your important work. We would suggest that you create a new Gmail Account and give us its ID and password to create the Life Insurance Lead Generator Form.

Please check the password while writing it, as many times a lot of time is wasted due to not having the correct password. When we login to your Gmail account, you will be notified on your WhatsApp or Telegram. So that you can live monitor your account.

When your Life Insurance Lead Generator Form is ready, then you are also informed about it. After the form is ready you need to change the password of your Gmail account and secure your account by following maximum security.

Grievance Redressal Rules:

Once you're done, we look forward to your experiences. So that if you see any error in the work done by us, then it can be rectified. If you make any such complaint, then your work is rectified. You are given 15 days to make such a complaint. This 15 days is counted from the date of completion of your work.

If we do not receive any response or complaint for 15 days then we consider that you are completely satisfied with our work. After completion of 15 days period, we delete the raw file of your personal data and other works. Any complaint received after 15 days will not be entertained. This will be accepted as a new order to get your work done again.

Order Cancellation Rules:

This is a Digital Product and once payment is received we will start your work immediately. That's why your order will not be canceled in any form.

Order Fulfillment Rules:

We try our best to satisfy all our customers and try our best to fulfill your order and deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Generally it takes 24 to 48 hours to create a Life Insurance Lead Generator Form. However, we would suggest you to read the ordering and processing rules carefully for detailed information on this subject. Information about Ordering and Processing Rules is given on the footer menu bar of this webpage.

We are providing you three mediums so that you can easily pay for making the Life Insurance Lead Generator Form and can easily reach us with the necessary information:

Through Online Form:

For this, you have to click on the "Order Now" button given below. As soon as you click on this button, the page opens to login Google account in your device. As soon as you login to the Google account, you will see the Google form.

Order Now

In the above form you are asked to fill all the information which is given in the "Requirements" tab. Once you fill all the details, three options appear to make the payment. In these options one has to choose between Bank Account Transfer, UPI Transfer and QR Scanning Transfer.

If you select the bank transfer option, you will get our bank account details. Using this detail you can send your order amount to us.

If you select the QR code option then you will see our QR code. By scanning this code, you can send your order amount to us. If you select UPI ID, you get our UPI ID riteshlicadvisor01@oksbi. You can pay us using this.

After the payment is done, you have to submit the form by uploading its slip on this form. You receive an auto generated email immediately after submitting the form. This is a proof that we have received the data filled by you. We will contact you on your number once the payment is confirmed.

What to do if there is a problem with making the payment while filling the form?

If you feel inconvenient to make payment while filling the form, then submit the form without payment. By doing this you will get a pdf file on your email. You download this PDF file.

In this pdf file also all the information about payment is given. Using which you can make payment to us. The payment slip can be given to us later when we contact you.

Order via Email:

Another important medium for ordering is email. To order via email you must first click on the "Download Now" button below.

Download Now

By clicking on the above button a pdf file will be downloaded in your device. You will get our bank account number, QR code and UPI ID in this PDF file. Make the payment using the mode of your convenience and share the required details of your subject with us on our email id: riteshlicadvisor01@gmail.com.

Note: The ID of this product is ALILGF01. When you send us an email, please mention in that email that your order is for Life Insurance Lead Generator Form and its Product ID is ALILGF01.

Order via Telegram:

The third important medium for ordering is the Telegram application. To order through Telegram, you must first click on the "Download Now" button below.

Download Now

By clicking on the above button a pdf file will be downloaded in your device. You will get our bank account number, QR code and UPI ID in this PDF file. Make the payment using the mode of your convenience and click on the button below to provide the required details of your subject. As soon as you do this, you will reach our Telegram account, send all the information and transaction slip to us there.


Note: The ID of this product is ALILGF01. When you send us a message on our Telegram, please mention in that message that your order is for Life Insurance Lead Generator Form and its product ID is ALILGF01.

Life Insurance Lead Generator Form

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