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Order Processing & Rules

Order Processing & Rules

Dear Customer,
Thank you for purchasing Insurance Hand's Digital Products! Our aim to satisfy all of our customers, but sometimes situations can be erratic. To avoid any kind of irregular situation and disputes, we have explained our terms and conditions in detail in this page.

We assume that you have carefully read all the terms and conditions on this page before purchasing any of our products and have accepted these terms and conditions before placing your order with us. We will not be responsible if you ignore these terms and conditions.

Product Order:

Since our platform manufactures digital products, basically two things are very important for us to fulfill any order. These are as follows-

Product Price:

To get any of our products made, customers have to pay the price of the product. All product prices are listed in the blog post detailing that product. The customer can pay the product fees through digital means at his convenience.

While making the payment, the customers should ensure that the full amount of the product should be credited to our account. Any charges will have to be borne by the customer. An order will be accepted only when an amount equal to the value of the product reaches us.

Customers are required to send us the transaction details of payment of money immediately after placing the order. Keep in mind that this transaction detail can be asked from you anytime while doing your work.

Customer Details:

To prepare any of our products, we require full name, address, mobile number, email ID of our customers. So that we can prepare their product for our customers.

Therefore, we request our customers to immediately share with us the information required to prepare the concerned product immediately after payment of the product price.

The original file and customer details created for the preparation of your order are retained by us for the next 15 days after the delivery of the customer order. After 15 days we completely destroy your original file and all your details.

Note: If a customer has paid the price of a product, it is our endeavor to fulfill and deliver the order as soon as possible. In this case, we immediately start the process of preparing the original files of the customers. However, an order will be considered complete only after we have received the customer details and price of the product.

Customized Product Prep Time:

However, it is our endeavor to deliver the digital products to our customers as soon as possible. But in most cases it can take up to 7 to 15 days to prepare a digital product. Therefore, when you place an order for any of our products, you agree that you will receive your product within a maximum of 15 working days.

Customers must note that an order will be considered as a complete order only when both the payment for the price of the product and the customer details have been received by us. In case the product value payment and customer details are received at different times, the maximum number of days for delivery of the product will be counted from the last day we receive both the items (product price payment and customer details).

Checking and Correction:

We advise our customers to check the product immediately after delivery. If there is any error in the product, 7 to 15 days time is given for its correction.

Important Updates for Your Digital Products:

We would like to inform all our customers that they must get their Digital Product ready by providing their "Customer Details" in any case within the next 30 days from the date of payment of the product price.

Please note, if a customer does not provide his/her details within 30 days from the date of payment for the product or if his order is not fulfilled for any other reason, then his order will be void. Till that time all the original files created for that customer will be deleted and there will be no refund in this regard.

Customer Service and Urgent Requests:

We would like to share an important issue with you regarding the completeness of "Customer Details". It often happens that after some orders we do not get the complete "Customer Details" and then some other work is expected from us. We understand that you may have needs behind your requests.

Many customers want help in getting the link of their social media profile or request to recover the password of their social media account. Completion of such works takes more time and extra effort, hence the customer will have to pay an additional minimum of ₹500 to complete such works.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Product Price deposit is mandatory for all orders.
  • Any order will be accepted only when the payment for the value of the product is received by us. We will not be responsible for any kind of bank charges or any other deduction.
  • Once the work for the product has started, the customer will not be able to cancel his order.
  • Customers will be required to provide correct and required information about themselves in the form of “Customer Details” mentioned above.
  • After 15 days of order fulfillment, no correction will be entertained.